Code of Conduct

Here’s a brief code of conduct that participants can agree to when participating in a community campaign to encourage neighbours to get to know and help their neighbours living with disability or who may need support during an evacuation emergency:

Respect and Dignity

Treat all individuals, including neighbours who may need extra support during an emergency, with respect, dignity, and empathy, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances.


Respect the privacy and confidentiality of neighbours living with disability or who may need extra support during an emergency and their personal information. Do not disclose any sensitive details without the explicit consent of the individuals involved.


Do not discriminate against or exclude any individual based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic. The campaign should be inclusive and welcoming to all.

Voluntary Participation

Participation in the campaign is voluntary for both neighbours and volunteers. No one should be coerced or forced to participate against their will.

Clear Communication

Maintain open and honest communication with neighbours who may need extra support during an emergency and fellow volunteers. Provide accurate information about the campaign, evacuation procedures, and available resources.

Safety First

Prioritise safety at all times. Follow official evacuation protocols, emergency procedures, and instructions from local authorities. Never put yourself or others at risk during evacuation efforts.

Boundaries and Consent

Respect personal boundaries and seek consent before offering assistance to neighbours who may need extra support during an emergency. Some individuals may prefer to handle certain tasks on their own, and it is important to respect their choices.

Sensitivity and Cultural Awareness

Be sensitive to the diverse needs, cultural practices, and beliefs of neighbours living with disability or those who may need extra support during an emergency. Consider their unique circumstances and adapt your assistance accordingly.

Collaboration and Cooperation

Work together with other campaign participants, local organisations, and authorities to ensure effective support for neighbours. Share resources, information, and ideas to maximise the campaign’s impact.

Continuous Learning

Stay informed about community resources, emergency preparedness, and relevant training to enhance your ability to assist neighbours living with disability or who may need extra support effectively.

This code of conduct should serve as a guideline for participants to foster a positive and supportive community atmosphere during the campaign and during an evacuation emergency. It should be combined with adherence with any local laws, regulations, or policies that may be applicable for the Street Mate campaigin of for any future natural disasters and/or evacuation emergencies..

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