In an emergency, you need to be ready to take Action. This may be things like: – have a support team of people including your neighbours who can help you – consider your needs and situation and be prepared to leave early – prepare the items you may need to take – listen to emergency and disaster warnings – follow instructions of Emergency Services to evacuate
Keep your Emergency Plans and Emergency Kit up to date and ensure it is in a safe position so you and your support team know where it is. Follow emergency apps or ABC Emergency Radio station – Find your local station at
Be alert and ready for the unexpected.
Go early – the more time you have the better. The safest place to be in an emergency situation is away from the risk. It is important to act early in an emergency as the actions you make can take time, roads can close and access to certain areas can be affected. You should understand and plan for different hazards and scenarios. Continue to monitor local media for information or official instructions as they become available.

Check your emergency plan, and checklist. Put in anything else you may need in your Go To Backpack, including medications, assistive devices, and a change of clothes. Keep your support team up to date with any changes to your plans. Take some water with you. Don’ forget your Pet.

Keep in contact with your support team regularly to ensure you can evacuate early and they can get to you. Have their names on speed dial in your phone.
Make sure you have transport to evacuate and leave early. Plan your transport with family or carers.
  • Read your emergency plan again if fire or flood is near. Contact members of your support team. If they need to travel to you, get them to check access and the best and safest route to your home or work. Keep them informed of your actions and any changes in the conditions.
  • Be prepared to evacuate. Pack medicines and any other requirements for yourself or people in your care in the Emergency Kit and have everything ready to go. If you have to leave your home, turn off the power, gas and water and lock the doors and windows.
  • Keep your battery-operated radio and/charged phone or computer with you so that you can listen and follow directions from officials about what to do. Go to the emergency websites for updates.
  • Listen for emergency warnings and safety advice on radio or television.
  • Follow instructions received from police and emergency safety personnel regarding the situation. Stay calm, be patient and think before you act. Regularly check the NSW SES ( and NSW Bush Fire Services websites for the latest information on hazards and community safety advice

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