Meet Ember & Friends


I’m Ember, the Koala. In December 2020 the Black Summer fires hit most of the state of NSW.  My namesake Ember, an 18 month koala, was a bushfire survivor spotted in the wild on the burnt ground in Northern NSW after fires swept through the area.  She made a miraculous recovery from her burns and I’m named after her to help you survive a fire.


Greetings – Ash, the Wombat is my name. A group of wombats is known as a Wisdom.  I have much wisdom on survival in the bush and am a quiet achiever.  During the fires, I have been known to share my burrow with other animals who are escaping the flames.  I’m here to remind you that you too need to have a safe place to go in the fires.


Hi I am Flame, the Black Cockatoo, I am the native bird to Nowra in NSW. Nowra is an Aboriginal word for the black cockatoo. My story is that I was a white cockatoo that turned back in fires on Red Rock – known as Cambewarra Mountain near Nowra.  It is believed when I give out a call, I represent the coming of rain.


Hop to it! My name is Blaze the Roo and I’m here to remind you when there is a fire close by, you need to hop on out of there early. Don’t wait, just grab your emergency pack and your mob and skip on out of there to a safe place.

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