About Ember

Flagstaff’s EMBER program teaches individuals living with disability to prepare for bushfires and other natural disasters. Using simple language, formats and resources the program aims to support people with disability gain confidence in what to do when there is an emergency and to ensure they:

PLAN – Have an easy plan ready to guide them on what to do in case there is a natural emergency; and

ACT – If there is a bushfire, flood or other emergency – Take action and leave early.

Download the Ember App on your device or check out www.emberapp.com.au.

EMBER – the Emergency Backpack Resource kit is an initiative of The Flagstaff Group.

This is a Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund project through the joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Although funding for this project has been provided by both the Australian and NSW Governments, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either government.

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