Sensory Kits have been supplied to Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Campbelltown City Councils and are designed to provide extra support to community members living with disability whilst in Evacuation Centres.

Each kit contains items such as noise cancelling headphones, weighted toys and tactile materials. Small tents have also been provided for situations where no quiet spaces exist.

Evacuation Centre volunteers are encouraged to use the kit contents alongside other resources found on site. Instructions have been placed in each bag along with floor plans for the relevant site.

To find out how more, or to purchase your own sensory kit, contact Flagstaff on: (02) 4272 0222.

Preparing for natural disasters such as bushfires and floods is something we all need to do. For NDIS and Care Providers, emergency planning for the people you support and the staff you employ is crucial to the safety of all.

Flagstaff has produced a suite of materials to help you and your organisation be prepared. Feel free to download and share the materials.

Download PDF here.

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